Homemade Gift Ideas that Will Satisfy the Soul - Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket
Posted by Alanah on December 22 at 05:54 AM

Man, does time ever fly fast. Just a few more weeks to go and it's the dawning of another year - hopefully one without any fear, in the immortal words of John Lennon.

Well, for now, it's the season of cheer - and boy, do we ever need that in spades given everything that has happened in 2016, for better or for worse.

Consequently, it's the season of giving, too - and what better way to celebrate this season of good tidings than by giving out a well-thought of, painstakingly crafted homemade gift? In this case, food?

And I'm not talking about your fruitcakes - even if I am a fan. I'm talking about easy gift ideas that buck the trend of excessive consumerism that has come to define what is supposed to be the season of happy tidings, of family reunions, of all that is good about our society.

So, why buck the trend, you ask?

Well, there is nothing like homemade food products because the products are created with the utmost care and concern. Put your cooktops on the stove and start making gifts! Homemade products are easy and inexpensive to make as you require food items that may already be in your household as the primary ingredient. If you believe in your products, you can even also attempt selling the items to members of your community. This way, you receive compensation for your hard work, and you get a little spending money for the holidays. Here are 5 homemade food products you can quickly make for the holidays:

Holiday Wreaths

Making your own wreaths from food products can be easy and cheap. The best thing about homemade wreaths is that they not only make the house beautiful by giving it a festive look, but they are also edible too. You can make a holiday wreath easily using any type or color of candy or marshmallows. Arrange your candy in a circle and keep piling the candy on until the circular shape starts to resemble a holiday wreath. You can use an assortment of colors to make your wreath multicolored and bright, which will make any room stand out. You can also make your wreath with cookies, rock candy and green herbs and olives.

Holiday Syrup

Using cranberries, you can make syrup that you can store in beautiful decorative bottles to use at home or to share with friends. Cranberries will give the syrup a vibrant red color that is synonymous with the Christmas holidays, and your friends will love the final product for it as it has a sweet, tangy taste. You can use the syrup on a range of dishes such as a topping for ice cream or as a base for those alcoholic holiday drinks. Oh, they're perfect for pancakes, too! Making syrup makes having a mixer a gadget you couldn't live without, especially when you make homemade pancakes! Check out Mixer Picks for more on this.

Edible Yet Elegant Holiday Centerpieces

Edible centerpieces are a fresh and exciting way to decorate your table this holiday season. Simply use a mix of edible food items to create a beautiful centerpiece in whatever arrangement you like. Examples of food you can use include candy, lollipops, cookies, rice crispy treats, and fruits.

Simple, Easy, and Organic Exfoliating Scrub

To make the exfoliating scrub, combine olive oil, honey, lemon juice and brown sugar in a container. Mix the ingredients well then package the mixture in decorative small bottles to give away to your friends or family.

Holiday Gift Baskets

Since the holiday is the best time to give gifts, a homemade gift basket is sure to warm the heart of any recipient. Simply combine your favourite food items in a basket, case or container and arrange them properly. You can include anything in your gift basket from fruits to jams and candy.

How to Protect Your Valuables from Humidity
Posted by Alanah on December 08 at 08:16 AM

Almost all of us possess items that are prone to being ruined by excess humidity. For example musicians who have a piano or any other humidity sensitive instrument, people who keep guns for recreation, defense or vermin control or the office workers who have to store sensitive electronics for long periods and the people who own a boat or RV (recreational vehicle). These are some of the examples of the cases where high humidity can inflict a heavy loss. Humidity is simply the amount of moisture present inside the air around you but it’s not as harmless as it sounds, high humidity can have dreadful affects not only on one’s property but on health as well.

Problems Caused by Humidity

The people who revere music often invest into expensive instruments like piano and someone who owns a piano is familiar with the fact that they are humidity and temperature sensitive. The humidity inside and in the surroundings of a piano must be maintained in limits. There are recommendations for upper and lower limit of humidity that must be maintained but the incontrovertible argument is that large fluctuations causes the most damage. Safekeeping of a piano requires the maintenance of a micro climate. The environment inside and around a piano should neither be too humid nor to dry because both of these scenarios are foreboding for a piano. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity can cause other brass instruments to shrink and expand, the wood of expensive instruments like guitar and violin can warp which affects the quality of sound that they produce.

The people who possess guns usually keep them hidden is a safe or a confined space. There are a number of measures that gun owners follow that are substantial in most of the cases but if your gun is kept in a cold and humid space like a basement or the attic, then there is a high probability that it will corrode.

If you intend to store your computer, printer or any other electronic device for a long period of time in your basement or in the storage room of the office, then you need to make sure the atmosphere inside that room is not too humid because it can ruin your valuable equipment.

The people who own a boat or RV know the fact that such a vehicle just sits in their garage for most of the time which makes them susceptible to being affected by humidity. Extremely cold environments where condensation occurs rapidly can drastically affects the structure of such vehicles.

Following are the couple of ways to protect your valuables against the humidity.

Climate Controlled Storage

One can avail the services of climate controlled storage in order to ensure the wellbeing of the valuables. One can rent such a facility and not worry about the weather ruining their belongings. These facilities are specially designed to maintain an artificial environment according to your needs. Your garage or attic can become dusty or pest infiltrated which can be quite a problem if you are storing something expensive in there but these facilities are maintained at all times of the year.

Using Storage Dehumidifier

There are some things that you just can’t store in such facilities or they might be too expensive for you in the long run. In such a case you can procure a special purpose dehumidifier from Dehumidifier Web, as that controls the humidity inside your storage space. If you need to store items frequently then it is in your best interest to invest in such a machine. Such units not only protect your valuables but also the structure from developing mold or mildew.

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The Single Most Important Hairstyling Accessory Women Can't Live Without
Posted by Alanah on June 29 at 12:21 AM

Your hair style plays an important role in enhancing your personality. Modern women spend lot of time and money on their hairs just to make sure that they always look up-to-date. There is an un-ending list of ways you can wear you hear and there is an un-ending list of hair styling accessories you can use to achieve your beauty goals.

Luckily for the modern women, it is not very hard to find an array of highly advanced hair-styling devices, tool and equipments. One of the most common hair-styling tools that the modern working women can't just live without are top rated hair dryers for professional use.

Professional Blow Dryers

Professional Blow Dryers

For getting salon-style results, a professional hair dryer is a must have accessory. There is no need to be worried about managing frizzy, curly and wild hairs now. With the use of a commercial blow dryer you can manage your hairs in any style you want.

The best thing is that they are affordable. It will not be wrong if we say that a pro-league blow dryer has become a necessity for every woman instead of merely being a fashion accessory. Highly advanced technology has been incorporated to design these professional dryers, making it more useful and effective than any other device or method to style your hair.

Features of a Good Hair Dryer

  • For getting a super smooth and nice silky touch on your hairs, blow dry your hair at home, in your bed if you like. You don’t need to take time out of your busy lifestyle for going to a salon now. A professional blow dryer comes with numerous useful features and the biggest one being the use of tourmaline. This helps your hairs look healthy without any damage.
  • You can use a hair dryer in many different ways. They are versatile in usage and other than giving you a smooth and straight hairstyle, it can be used to style just about anything you want. They are also used in salons by professional hair stylists for giving volume and waves to your hairs. It comes with advanced features and can be used on any hair type.
  • Professional hair dryers have found a place in every woman’s dresser. It is handy, portable and durable. It is usually tourmaline and ceramic coated. These materials produce negative ions that cancel out the natural positive charges of your hairs and avoid them to become dry and frizzy.

How to Choosing an Upright Exercise Bike
Posted by Alanah on October 30 at 09:53 AM

If you’re planning to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight, you might be thinking of purchasing an upright exercise bike. There are tons of them on the market, but you need to be careful in choosing the equipment that you’ll bring into your home. Bear in mind that not all of them are created equal so make sure that you choose a unit that can indeed offer you excellent value for your money.

You have to choose an exercise bike that you’re going to use almost every day. Some owners of this bike have opted for a poor quality unit resulting in the bike to be used as a clothing rack. If you don’t want this to happen to you, you need to do your homework before investing in an upright exercise bike.

What factors to consider?

One of the factors you should look into when choosing an exercise bike is its height adjustment. Opt for a unit that allows you to adjust its height easily. This is a critical factor if this bike would be used by more than one user.

Michael from Indoor Training Bikes tell us about the importance of the seat, it must fit you properly. Choose an upright exercise bike with larger seat to accommodate users of all sizes, although you can install a new seat later on if you think that it’s not up to snuff.

The pedals of the bike must offer smooth operation. You can opt for a model that comes with a strap to put your feet into place while you’re using the bike.

Then, there’s the issue of safety. You have to consider getting an upright exercise bike that comes with a chain because this ensures safe operation. It’ll also prevent small children or pets from operating it accidentally, which may lead to an injury.

Things To Consider While Buying A Thermostat
Posted by Alanah on May 24 at 10:45 AM

Honeywell Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Before buying a thermostat, there are some things to consider if you want the thermostat to operate with your home heating and cooling systems while providing enough programmability. The first (and these days obvious) thing your thermostat should be capable of is having wireless access so you can control it remotely. Sure, you can do without if you're not very tech savy, but I bet that after reading these wifi thermostat reviews you will know what I mean.

So, with the wireless issue out of the way, let’s take a quick look at the other points.

  • Programmability: A good thermostat should let you program your heating and cooling needs in advance. Different models provide different levels of programmability but the models that let you program for the whole week in advance and set temperature for four different time segments in a day are usually the best.
  • System Compatibility: The thermostat must be compatible with your devices. Depending on your systems, you can go for multiple heating and cooling stage thermostats. For example, if your devices provide 3 heating and 1 cooling mechanism, you need to buy a thermostat with 3 heat and 1 cool function and map each mechanism to one of the functions. There are models in the market that provide up to 4 heat and 3 cool functions.
  • Energy Save: Some of the new thermostats save energy while operating your devices and also let you know which temperature settings are the most energy efficient. Some will even provide you with detailed energy consumption charts so that you can change your settings accordingly.

With these points in mind, buying a thermostat will be very easy. If you choose the right one, a thermostat will make your life very smooth and comfortable.

Faucet Features to Consider
Posted by Alanah on April 26 at 04:45 AM

The finish is not the only thing you should consider when finding the right kitchen faucets, their functionality must also be looked into. From all different styles to look into, you should begin with evaluating their handles, sprayer and spout.

Handles You can either go with single handle units or double handle faucets. The latter offers handles intended to deliver cold and hot water. Unlike the former, double-handle units will let you control the temperature of the water manually.

However, modern single-handle units can do the same through the use of a single lever that you can move 180 degrees.

Sprayer Types Newer models of kitchen faucets have integrated sprayers. They are commonly known as pull-out sprayer. The pull-out sprayer allows you to easily clean veggies and dishes. Some newer units have a pause button found at the faucet’s head. Kitchen faucets with a pull-down sprayer are also available. These, too, may have a pause button. As the term suggests, this type of faucet’s sprayer can be pulled down from the head into the sink offering more space and improving its usability.

Spouts Kitchen faucets may have long spouts or shorter ones. The options are not limited when it comes to the spout. The only things to keep in mind is that you should go for spouts that a) look good in your kitchen and 😎 prove to be the best kitchen faucet to use.

Regardless of the type of spout you will be purchasing, you must opt for a kitchen faucet with a spout that reaches as close to the sink’s center as possible. For average-sized sinks, this means the spout must be at least 7.5 inches but not more than 10 inches. If you have larger sinks, you can add 4 to 5 inches.

More information: Kraus

Klimaire KSIM012-H220 – A Great Mini Split Air Conditioner For All Purposes
Posted by Alanah on April 06 at 09:40 AM

Thanks to improved technology and dropping prices, air conditioner or AC is no longer a luxury. In fact in many corners of the world, it is almost impossible to live comfortably without installing an AC in the house. With the introduction of mini split ACs, things are even easier now as these devices consume less energy and provide intelligent cooling.

In case you do not know what mini split ACs are, these are like regular split ACs but smaller in size. There are two distinctive parts, a compressor unit that is installed outdoors and a cooling unit that is placed inside the room. The cooling unit can effectively manage the temperature of the room with thermostatic control.

Klimaire KSIM012-H220 – A Perfect Choice:

Although there are many brands and models in the market, the Klimaire KSIM012-H220 has made a name for itself by being a solid energy saver and extremely efficient mini split air conditioner. Some of the features of this AC are:

  • The DC inverter not only helps in cutting down the energy consumption, but also monitors the temperature of the room and adjusts the cooling accordingly.
  • The remote control is able to send signals to the outdoor compressor too hence the flow of cool air is at your fingertips. This system eliminates guesswork from the whole operation improving efficiency and decreasing power consumption.
  • This AC self cleans! It is able to clean the inner parts with condensate water when the fan is running at lower speeds. Thus it greatly decreases the maintenance efforts on your part.
  • Apart from cooling the air, the KSIM012-H220 also releases ion particles to remove dust, dirt and germs from the air. The built-in carbon filter takes care of bad odors, chemicals and gasses rendering the air inside the room perfect to inhale.

This AC cannot operate smoothly below the temperature of 5° Farenheit but otherwise, it is a perfect choice for every household. Priced decently, if you are looking for a quality powerful AC that does not burn a hole in your pocket with electricity bills, this is the one.

More information at Air Reflect split AC reviews

Why to Use Induction Cooktops
Posted by Alanah on April 06 at 08:30 AM

Although induction cooktops have immensely increased in popularity over the last few years, gas ovens still rule a large part of the market. In case you are torn between the two and are wondering whether you should buy an induction cooktop or not, take a look at the following points.

  • Induction cooktops are safe. The only area heated up while cooking is the area where you place the utensils.
  • They cook very fast as compared to traditional ovens. If you are a busy person, you should go for induction cooktops.
  • Most of the induction cooktops are portable. You can place them anywhere in the house where there is a power outlet and start cooking. You do not get this sort of flexibility with gas ovens.
  • They are getting cheaper by the day.

Well if you were wondering whether induction cooktops were really worth all the hype, now you know the pros. These reviews will surely help you choose the best one for your kitchen.

Things to Know before Installing Carpet
Posted by Alanah on March 30 at 01:02 AM

Carpets do look great in a house. It beautifies your interior, makes it look elegant and upscale, safe for toddlers and the like. However, are you prepared for the repercussions of having carpets?

Yes, there are repercussions. This is because there are costs and cons in installing carpets in your house. One of these would be about cleaning it. Of course, people step on it often, unless you want people in your house to float. After all, stepping on it, as part of your floor, is its main purpose. Hence, maintaining and cleaning it would be a major issue. With that, what you need as a resort is to have carpet cleaners.

One option would be to hire someone else to clean your carpet once in awhile. This is convenient since you will just call some service providers to do the nitty-gritty for you. However, it is costly in the long-run, most especially if you will require such service more often. Alternatively, you can invest on carpet cleaning equipment or devices. While their upfront cost is quite high or expensive, buying one is cheaper in the long-run than paying for the services of carpet cleaners. This is because you can use the device to clean your carpet as the need arises. Hence, you will have a clean carpet anytime you want.

3 Ways to Make Air Beds Last Longer
Posted by Alanah on March 29 at 10:20 PM

Air beds are very convenient to use as a replacement or substitute for an ordinary bed. If, for instance, you are expecting overnight guests, you can just fill it with air once they arrived and deflate it when they leave.

Can they be used for camping?

If you will be out with your friends and go camping, you can bring air mattresses as they offer more comfort than a sleeping bag. You can come across air beds that are specifically designed for camping. They are light enough to be inserted into a backpack.

There are things that you can do to make them last longer: 

Re-inflate them regularly

This is especially valuable if you are using them for more than two nights. In order to keep the air mattress firm, you must re-inflate them by forcing air into it every few days. 

Use sheets

Although most of these beds come with velvety material, laying a set of sheets offer more comfort at nighttime. Nothing beats the warmth and breathability of having sheets on top of these beds

Place them on top of a box spring

Getting in and out of air beds can be a bit difficult, especially when they are placed on the floor. To alleviate this problem, you may set them up on a box spring or a bed frame, i.e. if you are planning to use it for long-term. Doing so will enhance their look and convenience.
When you're looking for the best air mattress for your guests, these are some of the things to think about. Just follow these tricks to make the bed last longer. Try it and you will see the difference.