Faucet Features to Consider
Posted by Alanah on April 26 at 04:45 AM

The finish is not the only thing you should consider when finding the right kitchen faucets, their functionality must also be looked into. From all different styles to look into, you should begin with evaluating their handles, sprayer and spout.

Handles You can either go with single handle units or double handle faucets. The latter offers handles intended to deliver cold and hot water. Unlike the former, double-handle units will let you control the temperature of the water manually.

However, modern single-handle units can do the same through the use of a single lever that you can move 180 degrees.

Sprayer Types Newer models of kitchen faucets have integrated sprayers. They are commonly known as pull-out sprayer. The pull-out sprayer allows you to easily clean veggies and dishes. Some newer units have a pause button found at the faucet’s head. Kitchen faucets with a pull-down sprayer are also available. These, too, may have a pause button. As the term suggests, this type of faucet’s sprayer can be pulled down from the head into the sink offering more space and improving its usability.

Spouts Kitchen faucets may have long spouts or shorter ones. The options are not limited when it comes to the spout. The only things to keep in mind is that you should go for spouts that a) look good in your kitchen and 😎 prove to be the best kitchen faucet to use.

Regardless of the type of spout you will be purchasing, you must opt for a kitchen faucet with a spout that reaches as close to the sink’s center as possible. For average-sized sinks, this means the spout must be at least 7.5 inches but not more than 10 inches. If you have larger sinks, you can add 4 to 5 inches.

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