Klimaire KSIM012-H220 – A Great Mini Split Air Conditioner For All Purposes
Posted by Alanah on April 06 at 09:40 AM

Thanks to improved technology and dropping prices, air conditioner or AC is no longer a luxury. In fact in many corners of the world, it is almost impossible to live comfortably without installing an AC in the house. With the introduction of mini split ACs, things are even easier now as these devices consume less energy and provide intelligent cooling.

In case you do not know what mini split ACs are, these are like regular split ACs but smaller in size. There are two distinctive parts, a compressor unit that is installed outdoors and a cooling unit that is placed inside the room. The cooling unit can effectively manage the temperature of the room with thermostatic control.

Klimaire KSIM012-H220 – A Perfect Choice:

Although there are many brands and models in the market, the Klimaire KSIM012-H220 has made a name for itself by being a solid energy saver and extremely efficient mini split air conditioner. Some of the features of this AC are:

  • The DC inverter not only helps in cutting down the energy consumption, but also monitors the temperature of the room and adjusts the cooling accordingly.
  • The remote control is able to send signals to the outdoor compressor too hence the flow of cool air is at your fingertips. This system eliminates guesswork from the whole operation improving efficiency and decreasing power consumption.
  • This AC self cleans! It is able to clean the inner parts with condensate water when the fan is running at lower speeds. Thus it greatly decreases the maintenance efforts on your part.
  • Apart from cooling the air, the KSIM012-H220 also releases ion particles to remove dust, dirt and germs from the air. The built-in carbon filter takes care of bad odors, chemicals and gasses rendering the air inside the room perfect to inhale.

This AC cannot operate smoothly below the temperature of 5° Farenheit but otherwise, it is a perfect choice for every household. Priced decently, if you are looking for a quality powerful AC that does not burn a hole in your pocket with electricity bills, this is the one.

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