Homemade Gift Ideas that Will Satisfy the Soul - Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket
Posted by Alanah on December 22 at 05:54 AM

Man, does time ever fly fast. Just a few more weeks to go and it's the dawning of another year - hopefully one without any fear, in the immortal words of John Lennon.

Well, for now, it's the season of cheer - and boy, do we ever need that in spades given everything that has happened in 2016, for better or for worse.

Consequently, it's the season of giving, too - and what better way to celebrate this season of good tidings than by giving out a well-thought of, painstakingly crafted homemade gift? In this case, food?

And I'm not talking about your fruitcakes - even if I am a fan. I'm talking about easy gift ideas that buck the trend of excessive consumerism that has come to define what is supposed to be the season of happy tidings, of family reunions, of all that is good about our society.

So, why buck the trend, you ask?

Well, there is nothing like homemade food products because the products are created with the utmost care and concern. Put your cooktops on the stove and start making gifts! Homemade products are easy and inexpensive to make as you require food items that may already be in your household as the primary ingredient. If you believe in your products, you can even also attempt selling the items to members of your community. This way, you receive compensation for your hard work, and you get a little spending money for the holidays. Here are 5 homemade food products you can quickly make for the holidays:

Holiday Wreaths

Making your own wreaths from food products can be easy and cheap. The best thing about homemade wreaths is that they not only make the house beautiful by giving it a festive look, but they are also edible too. You can make a holiday wreath easily using any type or color of candy or marshmallows. Arrange your candy in a circle and keep piling the candy on until the circular shape starts to resemble a holiday wreath. You can use an assortment of colors to make your wreath multicolored and bright, which will make any room stand out. You can also make your wreath with cookies, rock candy and green herbs and olives.

Holiday Syrup

Using cranberries, you can make syrup that you can store in beautiful decorative bottles to use at home or to share with friends. Cranberries will give the syrup a vibrant red color that is synonymous with the Christmas holidays, and your friends will love the final product for it as it has a sweet, tangy taste. You can use the syrup on a range of dishes such as a topping for ice cream or as a base for those alcoholic holiday drinks. Oh, they're perfect for pancakes, too! Making syrup makes having a mixer a gadget you couldn't live without, especially when you make homemade pancakes! Check out Mixer Picks for more on this.

Edible Yet Elegant Holiday Centerpieces

Edible centerpieces are a fresh and exciting way to decorate your table this holiday season. Simply use a mix of edible food items to create a beautiful centerpiece in whatever arrangement you like. Examples of food you can use include candy, lollipops, cookies, rice crispy treats, and fruits.

Simple, Easy, and Organic Exfoliating Scrub

To make the exfoliating scrub, combine olive oil, honey, lemon juice and brown sugar in a container. Mix the ingredients well then package the mixture in decorative small bottles to give away to your friends or family.

Holiday Gift Baskets

Since the holiday is the best time to give gifts, a homemade gift basket is sure to warm the heart of any recipient. Simply combine your favourite food items in a basket, case or container and arrange them properly. You can include anything in your gift basket from fruits to jams and candy.