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How to Protect Your Valuables from Humidity
Posted by Alanah on December 08 at 08:16 AM

Almost all of us possess items that are prone to being ruined by excess humidity. For example musicians who have a piano or any other humidity sensitive instrument, people who keep guns for recreation, defense or vermin control or the office workers who have to store sensitive electronics for long periods and the people who own a boat or RV (recreational vehicle). These are some of the examples of the cases where high humidity can inflict a heavy loss. Humidity is simply the amount of moisture present inside the air around you but it’s not as harmless as it sounds, high humidity can have dreadful affects not only on one’s property but on health as well.

Problems Caused by Humidity

The people who revere music often invest into expensive instruments like piano and someone who owns a piano is familiar with the fact that they are humidity and temperature sensitive. The humidity inside and in the surroundings of a piano must be maintained in limits. There are recommendations for upper and lower limit of humidity that must be maintained but the incontrovertible argument is that large fluctuations causes the most damage. Safekeeping of a piano requires the maintenance of a micro climate. The environment inside and around a piano should neither be too humid nor to dry because both of these scenarios are foreboding for a piano. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity can cause other brass instruments to shrink and expand, the wood of expensive instruments like guitar and violin can warp which affects the quality of sound that they produce.

The people who possess guns usually keep them hidden is a safe or a confined space. There are a number of measures that gun owners follow that are substantial in most of the cases but if your gun is kept in a cold and humid space like a basement or the attic, then there is a high probability that it will corrode.

If you intend to store your computer, printer or any other electronic device for a long period of time in your basement or in the storage room of the office, then you need to make sure the atmosphere inside that room is not too humid because it can ruin your valuable equipment.

The people who own a boat or RV know the fact that such a vehicle just sits in their garage for most of the time which makes them susceptible to being affected by humidity. Extremely cold environments where condensation occurs rapidly can drastically affects the structure of such vehicles.

Following are the couple of ways to protect your valuables against the humidity.

Climate Controlled Storage

One can avail the services of climate controlled storage in order to ensure the wellbeing of the valuables. One can rent such a facility and not worry about the weather ruining their belongings. These facilities are specially designed to maintain an artificial environment according to your needs. Your garage or attic can become dusty or pest infiltrated which can be quite a problem if you are storing something expensive in there but these facilities are maintained at all times of the year.

Using Storage Dehumidifier

There are some things that you just can’t store in such facilities or they might be too expensive for you in the long run. In such a case you can procure a special purpose dehumidifier from Dehumidifier Web, as that controls the humidity inside your storage space. If you need to store items frequently then it is in your best interest to invest in such a machine. Such units not only protect your valuables but also the structure from developing mold or mildew.